FlameGuard®,LabWaste®,EverTuff® and CTS Compatible Products List

The following commercial products have been reviewed and evaluated by Spears® for acceptable use with Spears® CPVC Products:

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Spears® evaluation and review has shown these products to be compatible with satisfactory performance in normal installation of CPVC products. However, the potential for compatibility problems can be present in installations where CPVC materials are highly stressed. Such situations include, but are not limited to, inadequate compensation for thermal expansion and contraction, excessive bending beyond specified limits, improper pipe hanger or anchor selection or installation, over tightening of threaded joints, and other improper CPVC installation practices yielding high stress loads. Proper installation of each product in accordance with the manufacturer’s published Installation Instructions, Spears® FlameGuard® CPVC Fire Sprinkler Products Installation Instructions, EverTUFF® CTS Design and Installation Manual, and LabWaste® CPVC Corrosive Waste Drainage System Installation Instructions is essential. PLEASE NOTE: Not all products listed are suitable for all applications. Check product requirements.

*Cutting oils have potential to cause damage to PVC / CPVC systems. Wet, oily surfaces should be wiped clean to prevent the accumulation of residual oil. Systems should be flushed to remove any oils or debris before testing.

**Spray foam products must be properly mixed prior to contact with CPVC.
Damage can occur if unmixed, improperly applied product contacts the CPVC system.
Application care must be taken to ensure the exothermic reaction does not result in CPVC system damage.

Disclaimer Notice for CPVC Compatibility Review

The Spears® Manufacturing Installer Protection Plan (IPP) Chemical Compatibility Evaluation Program is a free service made available to distributors, installers and manufacturers of ancillary products intended to be used with Spears® CPVC products to help determine whether a specific product is chemically compatible with Spears® FlameGuard®, EverTUFF® CTS, LabWaste®.

The confirmation of compatibility of the products on our Compatible Products List with Spears® FlameGuard®, EverTUFF® CTS, LabWaste®, fittings and components are based on results achieved with these products as they are formulated at the time of the compatibility review. Spears® Manufacturing Company is not responsible for changes to product formulation done subsequent to evaluation without our knowledge.

Anti MIC Coated Antimicrobial Metal Pipe
NOTE: Factory applied coatings only, after market coatings are NOT covered.  Antimicrobial Internally Coated Steel Pipe on Hybrid Systems FM Approvals is one of several nationally recognized testing laboratories in the United States and offers information on the compatibility of antimicrobial internally coated steelpipe. FM’s approval relates only to the acceptability of manufacturer’s applied anti-mic coatings to steel pipe. Click Here for FM Approvals (Requires Website Registration)